A Beauty! a dazzling creation

flowers are love and passion

spreading their sweet scent

A sign of true sacrifice without selfishness,

a strength of survival, a treat to every vision

a delight to behold..

So flowers are love and Passion!


LOVE 💝💌 for Dreams🤞💭

Love is that which make us feel Alive in Earth💞🗺️

So, Dream 💭 is the Vibration 💤 which gives us Courage 🏂 with the Sacred winner 😇 to get Happiness 😄😆 and it leads to the Path 🛣️ in the world were only Silence 🔇 Worship 🙏 can get clear view to have Faith 💖 in our Ambition🏔️🗽🌄 to Reach Love 💟 every time..


First Experience!!

Life has a lot of way to teach us.  In fact our journey between birth and death is only a mixed experience.  From fear to pleasure; from happy🤣 to sad😣; from nothing😶 to Everything; 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

As I said Journey, It itself started from first experience like, from mother’s womb to this world; from curling baby to a child; Every step in our life is a new experience. Not only for that baby but also for his or her parents👨‍👩‍👧. When a girl👧 baby is born with her,  Her father is also getting new birth, the cherishing 😊experience she is feeling from the environment is the same sometimes more than she her father will feel it and protect her more than before.

The journey starts from school to career she is being protected by her father. For every experience of her he will live his life too.

Everyone says “Father👨 is a daughter’s first Hero🤵”. So, the first experience as a son, daughter, brother,  aunt, father,  Mother, sister, niece, grand father and Grand mother etc are all a great feeling filled with happiness and also a fear to go head to see what gonna happen next.

Therefore this is only to reconsider all the decisions we made or making or gonna make about any current situation because even this to pass away. Changes are the only things in life which won’t change Ever.

Happy reading☺️

Thanks :))


Beauty of Life !!

Beauty is Seen

In the sunlight, the trees, the birds,

Corn growing and people working or dancing for their harvest.

Beauty is heard

In the night, wind sighing, rain falling, or a singer chanting,

Anything in earnest.

Beauty is in Yourself !!

Good deeds, happy thoughts,

That repeats themselves in you dreams, in your work,

And even in your Rest..


Path of Life

              “I will always speck Truth.  I will maintain personal integrity”.

Lie needs maintenance; Honesty does not.  A blessing of honesty is that it teaches you to face situations in life; the curse of lying is, it teaches you to escape from situations in life.  The biggest benefactor in following this is you.

The above lines are those which i learnt long-back  in my college days.

Thought to share it with you all :))